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Grace Loves Lace has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Brand Awards 2017.
The Australian Brand Award for Product Excellence [PXA] recognises products of exceptional quality offering a point of difference from their competitors.

“It’s awesome to have been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in the Australian Brand Awards 2017. I’m very honoured to receive recognition for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes within our business and our team are so dedicated in every department. To know that all the attention to detail, strategising and business analysing is considered to be of such a high standard really makes me proud. I’ve always been very driven with moving the business forward in every aspect, all the time, never staying stagnant – an approach and the whole team have adopted. It’s incredible to work in a business that makes me so proud and with a team that I adore.”
Megan Ziems, Founder and Creative Director of Grace Loves Lace
Grace Loves Lace launched in 2011, after founder Megan Ziems noticed a massive gap in the International and local bridal market whilst searching for her own wedding gown. The brand captures the elusive mix of femininity and adventure in modern bridal. The collections are purposely designed and constructed to be confidently ordered online; luxurious, made in-house, versatile and comfortable stretch fits, made-to-order.

The GLL philosophy was to offer modern brides what they wanted; luxury, quality, ethical manufacturing, brilliant customer service and designs that would sweep everyone off their feet. The style is understated, natural beauty which is inline with what the gowns feel like to wear; comfortable and completely luxurious.

The team behind Grace are the pioneers of elevated, comfortable and unique bridal design. Every Grace collection is planned and ethically manufactured in-house, in Australia, by a team of uncompromising production staff. The iconic optimistic Australian aesthetic is inherent in all of the dresses.

GLL is an e-boutique selling our collection of wedding gowns, everyday/occasion wear, and accessories. Each product is designed and produced in-house offering a made-to-order service and also carrying ready-to-wear styles to cater for urgent deliveries. GLL delivers worldwide and the designs are carefully designed and constructed to be confidently sold online. For this reason GLL stays away from boning, zips, buttons, stiff and restrictive fabrics and patterns that are not versatile enough for the array of body shapes and sizes that GLL sells to.

Grace Loves Lace ensures an ongoing high-standard to online service from pre-sales through to post-sales. The business has a globally recognised website that responds based on the IP address of each individual customer, ensuring that they are given the best experience based on their location. Grace Loves Lace has recently implemented a global ‘live chat’ function that allows for brides to contact the brand at any time of the day (in their respective location) to gain the information required to move forward with a purchase. The aim of this feature is to ensure global accessibility, increase consumer confidence and ongoing support, and ensure that high level customer service strategies are adhered to.

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