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Passion Projects has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Brand Awards 2017 for the research and development of {allyouneedislove} multi-mineral green calcium powder. The Australian Brand Award for Product Excellence [PXA] recognises products of exceptional quality offering a point of difference from their competitors.

Passion Projects started with Lynette and Alejandro de la Vega wanting to do something that would make a difference in the world. They have developed a range of products, particularly in areas where consumers are looking for natural healthy solutions to supplement a balanced diet and long term well‐being.

{allyouneedislove} multi-mineral green calcium powder is 100% plant sourced & includes Calcium, Vitamins D, K1 & K2. Passion Projects have made this formula available as a stand-alone product. For their protein powder range, they developed a calcium formulation that would look after muscles and bones at the same time. People who exercise heavily also require higher amounts of calcium, as the process that occurs during exercise actually takes calcium from the bones. Many people are either not eating enough calcium due to dietary restrictions, or they are just not absorbing it correctly. This is where this formula steps in as a necessary addition to diet and exercise.

Vitamin D, K1, K2 & other vitamins and minerals known as co-factors are essential for the proper absorption or assimilation of Calcium.  This combination of co-factors help the body to metabolise and absorb the Calcium and direct it to the areas in the body where its needed, such as the bones and teeth.

The Sea Mineral Complex is derived from red seaweed (algae) – (not from coral or bone) from a clean sustainable harvested area of the Atlantic waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. They have blended the calcium with essential co-factors, which are all naturally sourced: Vitamin D, Vitamin K1 & K2, plus the multi- minerals in the sea complex. These ingredients are organic and carefully selected. At every step of the process of product development, they are concerned with delivering the best quality without compromise.

For this reason, {allyouneedislove} multi-mineral green calcium powder was developed without the need for additives such as cane sugar, fructose, and artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, gluten, nuts, eggs, soy, dairy, yeast, sodium chloride (salt) GOM’s or fillers, binders, flow agents, stabilizers or preservatives, however great taste is ensured with the addition of natural vanilla and stevia.

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