b.box insulated food jar

b.box insulated food jar has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for New Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2019. The Australian Brand Award for New Product Innovation [NEW] recognises innovative consumer products recently launched to market offering a point of difference from their competitors.

We always design with kids in mind. We want to solve problems – but in a unique and clever way. Our challenge was to create a food jar specifically for children. It needed to keep food warm or cold all day and provide the ability for young children to operate it independently. It also needed to be durable, light weight, leak proof and visually appealing. Our designers rose to the challenge and created a product that looks great and functions perfectly for its purpose – so well done team!

Dannielle Michaels, Co-Founder, b.box for kids

b.box for kids is an Australian success story, which began over 10 years ago on a flight to New Zealand. Two Melbourne mums, Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels, came up with a smart solution by developing the world’s first all in one portable plastic change station. This passion for problem solving is behind everything the company does. b.box believes that everyday challenges represent opportunities to design products that make parents’ lives easier and empowers kids to be more independent. What makes b.box unique is the thought they give to design, functionality and aesthetic. They think about the child and the parent.

Fast forward 10 years and they have turned their clever concept into a global brand with customers in over 35 countries and a loyal fanbase of parents and kids all over the world. With no prior baby industry experience – other than being mums themselves – they combined their finance, risk management, business development and marketing expertise to create a business and brand known for its innovation, quality and creativity in product design. The duo continues to drive the strategy, passion and innovation behind the brand and challenge the team to think big to deliver new game changing products for their fans around the world.

Launched into the Australian market in early 2019, the Insulated Food Jar is just one of many new and innovative products that b.box has brought to market. The b.box insulated food jar is a container designed specifically for small children. It enables little hands to operate the product independently, with a fun and modern design aesthetic that appeals to both kids and parents.

The design challenge was to provide young children with a portable container that can maintain the temperature of food, and one that they can easily operate by themselves. Most insulated food jars on the market are not specifically designed to facilitate independent use by younger children. During the user testing, b.box found that young children had great difficulty opening and using many of their competitors’ products. They didn’t provide handles, built in lid stops, or other features to make it easy for young kids to use independently. b.box set out to design a solution to this.

The insulated food jar keeps food warm or cold for extended periods, so kids can take a meal to kinder or school and confidently be able to open it. It features easy grip handles on both the lid and arms, which provide leverage for small children to open and shut the lid independently. A built-in stop feature means the lid can’t be over-tightened. The food jar also comes with a spork, designed for the size and shape of small hands and mouths. The utensil conveniently is stored in the bumper/sleeve. The product has also been designed to grow with the child, providing a good capacity for older children in terms of portion size and also the flexibility to remove handles to aesthetically appeal to an older market.

The b.box food jar empowers kids to use the product on their own, helping them to develop independence, initiative and motor skills. The b.box insulated food jar also gives parents more options when preparing lunches and encourages kids to eat a variety of hot and cold foods when outside the home. It provides a solution to parents who want their kids to eat a variety of homemade healthy meals, but have previously been limited due to many of the vessels available being unsuitable for kids to use independently.

To see how easily children can use the Insulated Food Jar – watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhodc1-ANf4

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