IXL Home – IXL Tastic Luminate Single

IXL Tastic Luminate Single has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Brand Awards 2019. The Australian Brand Award for Product Excellence [PXA] recognises consumer products of exceptional quality offering a point of difference from their competitors.

IXL’s knowledge of 3 in 1 heat, light and ventilation solutions draws on our company’s rich history of innovative product development and local manufacturing for over 160 years. We continue to refine and evolve the 3 in 1 solution through the trajectory of the Tastic platform into the premium bathroom space with the Tastic Luminate Single, a sleek and contemporary product that suits a variety of bathroom styles.

It is great to be recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation and Product Excellence for delivering an Australian made product that provides practical and innovative solutions for the modern home environment.

Chris Dickins, CEO, IXL Home

For over 160 years the IXL brand has been synonymous with high quality consumer products, innovative product development and Australian know-how. From the humble beginnings of a Blacksmith shop through to the world class manufacturing plant in Geelong, IXL continues to deliver innovative product solutions for your home. The company has extensive manufacturing and distribution capabilities across a range of industries and sectors including automotive, mining, domestic appliances and solar.

IXL Home (a division of IXL Group) is a recognised leader in the premium home appliance industry, within Australia and New Zealand. IXL Home is a leading marketer and distributor of premium brands for the home which include IXL, iRobot, Cannon and Blueair. They are committed to continuing their excellence in local manufacturing, importing, distributing and marketing a wide range of world-class brands and setting benchmarks in product innovation and design aesthetics.

In 1977, the design for the original Tastic was submitted and produced that same year. The launch of this product has led to many successful iterations of the Tastic product and has become an iconic product in any bathrooms across Australia.

IXL Home, has until now offered the Tastic Classic range, Tastic Premium range, Easy Duct and Eco Tastic 3-in-1 heat, vent and light solutions. In 2019, IXL Home expanded their premium Tastic range of bathroom products, with the easy-to-install Tastic Luminate, with modern design and improved product features to suit a variety of bathroom styles. Tastic Luminate is made up of Luminate Single 3 in 1, Luminate Dual 3 in 1, Luminate Vent Module, Luminate Vent & Light Module and Luminate Heat Module.

IXL’s new Tastic Luminate Single has been designed as a contemporary and sleek product suited to high-spec bathrooms. The Tastic Luminate has improved airflow extraction by up to 28 per cent, ensuring that bathrooms are kept as clean and fresh as possible. With the inclusion of a dimmable energy efficient LED task light source, Tastic Luminate provides superior illumination. Users have the choice of cool and warm LED, with the unit providing warm white lights that aren’t too harsh. Tastic Luminate is the latest in minimalist design with the unit resembling a skylight, giving any space a sense of breadth, with the single module suitable for bathrooms up to 12 square metres in size.

With one of the core purposes being to provide heat in the winter time, the Tastic Luminate works with Halo Heat TM Technology, rapidly heating the person beneath the unit without heating the entire room. An energy saving timer automatically cuts off the heat lamps, promoting energy efficiency. IXL has designed Tastic Luminate to be simple and easy to install by utilising CAT6 cable and plug and play connection, significantly reducing installation time.

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