Jetpets PP60C Cat Travel Crate has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2019. The Australian Brand Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises innovative consumer products offering a point of difference from their competitors.

It is with great pleasure that Jetpets accepts the 2019 ABA100 Award for Product Innovation. Our PP60C Cat Travel Crate is a world first and was designed specifically to suit the unique needs of cats during travel, with an inbuilt litter cats can stay comfortable and clean throughout their travel journey. The development of the PP60C was inspired by our ongoing efforts to set the highest standards of care for all travelling pets. We are proud to be able to provide such a wonderful product, and to accept such a prestigious award in recognition of our innovation. The award highlights our commitment to enhancements and innovative thinking when it comes to ensuring the safe and comfortable transport of animals within Australia and around the world.

Sandy Matheson, Managing Director, Jetpets

Jetpets are Australia’s leading pet travel experts. Family owned and operated, their in-house team of pet travel consultants, pet handlers and resident vets have been caring for people’s beloved pets for over 27 years. The experienced team at Jetpets are there every step of the way, setting the highest standards of care for pets on the move. With the welfare, comfort and safety of pets their number one priority, Jetpets transports over 70,000 pets each year. Jetpets purpose is to reunite families with their fur-babies.

Jetpets provide a complete door to door service from and to any destination in the world covering Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

Customers include: Pet owners with companion pets who are relocating interstate or overseas; Customers wanting to holiday interstate with their furry best friends; People welcoming a new puppy or kitten from a breeder; People fostering or adopting a pet from a rescue organization; Zoo customers using Jetpets expertise to transport zoo animals, mostly for breeding purposes.

Each pet has their own personalized travel itinerary prepared by a Jetpets pet travel consultant. For a door to door service an experienced pet handler will pick up and deliver. The most direct flights will be arranged, and pets can relax and stretch their legs at Jetpets transit lounges pre and post flights. For international travelers, Jetpets vets are on hand to manage the vet-work schedule.

The development and launch of the PP60C Cat Travel Crate with Litter Tray is a world first. No other competitor in Australia or globally has a travel crate option designed specifically for a cat’s unique travel needs. The front zone provides plenty of space for a cat to stretch out and relax while the back zone features a litter tray that is easily accessible for a cat throughout travel. It provides the ultimate travel experience with the cat staying comfortable and clean throughout their travel journey. The product is airline compliant and can be used after travel at home as an all-in-one bed and litter tray, with the versatility of the removable litter tray and removable top for easy storage. It is available in one size which fits all cats comfortably.

Jetpets is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association). Jetpets satisfies all airline requirements and industry regulations. Visit the Jetpets website for further information

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