Tri Nature – Alpha Plus Laundry Powder

Tri Nature – Alpha Plus Laundry Powder has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Eco Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2019. The Australian Brand Award for Eco Innovation [ECO] recognises environmentally conscious products that provide innovative solutions for consumers.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Tri Nature as a pioneer in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. To receive an honour like this on our 30th birthday reminds us why we continue our dedication to the environment each day. We have developed world-leading sustainable technologies which removes harsh aggressive chemicals and unnecessary fillers from everyday household products, making them a safer and healthier choice for Australian families and the planet. We will continue to raise the bar for the rest of the market to strive for and ensure we are leaving a better world for future generations.

Leah Fernance, Marketing Manager, Tri Nature

In 1989, the Tri Nature organization was formed to bring to the marketplace natural solutions for industrial, household, and personal cleaning care. Located at Kooragang, NSW, Tri Nature manufactures the range on-site. Tri Nature currently carries a vast product range in excess of 200 outstanding products for all aspects of home and family care, particularly in the categories of cleaning, laundry, kitchen care, car care, body care, skin care, hair care, baby & child care, and aromatherapy. Tri Nature’s laundry products were developed to provide high performance products for household laundry that also achieved significant safety and environmental advantages.

The Alpha Plus Laundry Powder is an ultra-concentrated laundry powder that provides exceptional economy and performance to the user. It is boosted with plant derived actives to achieve a superior level of stain removal. Tri Nature’s laundry powder is suitable for use in both front & top loading machines.

Tri Nature believes that the phosphate replacement expertise developed for this range is world best technology. This, combined with the absence of toxic caustic or chlorine compounds, creates less load on our effluent systems and waterways. The other compelling drive toward this technology is the growing scarcity of the phosphate mineral.

Many household injuries, especially those regarding children are caused by contact with highly corrosive household chemicals. All Tri Nature products display a substantially lower alkalinity and toxicity level and hence a substantially lower risk of poisoning or chemical burning.

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