Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco – Do Good Poo Bags has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Eco Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2020. The Australian Brand Award for Eco Innovation [ECO] recognises environmentally conscious products that provide innovative solutions for consumers.

Rufus & Coco is Australia’s most awarded pet care brand, providing well-bred pet care to ensure that pets around the world look good and feel great.

Providing innovative and inspired solutions for pets and pet parents, the range includes supplements, grooming, toys, accessories, cleaning products and award-winning cat litter.

Created by animal lover and pet welfare advocate Anneke van den Broek in 2008, the Rufus & Coco brand quickly built trust and became a brand that pet parents turn to for simple, effective pet care solutions. The range is now stocked in nine countries, including Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

The Rufus & Coco range has expanded into new categories over time driven by consumer needs and market opportunities. Recognising a need for innovation and ‘best of breed’ products in the waste management category, the team spent several years developing sustainable clean up solutions for dogs – and in 2019 finally launched the Rufus & Coco Do Good Poo Bags into the market.

Rufus & Coco’s Do Good Poo Bags are made with materials like corn-starch making them a biodegradable, non-plastic and environmentally friendly alternative to most other poo bag options on the market. These bags are also quite stylish in appearance and comparatively “thick” (18-20 microns, with most comment thickness being 10 microns) making them quite tough during use.

Rufus & Coco products are available locally from Woolworths, Coles, Big W, select IGA supermarkets and pet specialty, as well as online at

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