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IXL Home – IXL Tastic Ovation 3 in 1 Heat, Vent & Light has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2021. The Australian Brand Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises innovative products that offer a point of difference from their competitors.

“With a rich history in local product development dating back over 160 years, IXL’s commitment to creating innovative product solutions for the Australian home has again proven valuable with the ABA100 2021 recognition of Tastic Ovation 3 in 1 Bathroom Heat, Vent and Light. Showcasing contemporary design, the Tastic Ovation features powerful airflow extraction, luxurious warmth, instant brightness, and easy installation to suit a wide variety of bathroom styles.

“We are honoured to be recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation for delivering an Australian made product that offers quality and innovative solutions for the modern home environment.”

Chris Dickins, CEO, IXL Home

IXL Group is a leader and innovator, with a proud and rich history as an Australian family-owned company, based in Geelong VIC, since 1858.  IXL Home (a division of IXL Group) is a recognised leader in the premium home appliance industry, within Australian and New Zealand. IXL Home is a leading manufacturer of premium brands for the home which include IXL and Cannon, and the exclusive distributor of iRobot in Australia & New Zealand.  We are committed to continue our excellence in local manufacturing, distributing and marketing a wide range of world-class brands and setting benchmarks in product innovation and design aesthetics

In 1977, the design for the IXL Tastic Original 3-in-1 Heat, Vent and Light was submitted and produced that same year. The launch of this product has led to many successful iterations of the IXL Tastic product and has become an iconic product in many bathrooms across Australia.

IXL has until now, offered the Tastic Classic, Tastic Premium Luminate range, Easy Duct and Eco Tastic 3 in 1 Heat, Vent and Light ranges to the Australian and New Zealand market. In 2021, IXL expanded their mid-level Tastic range of bathroom products with the easy to install Tastic Ovation 3 in 1.  Showcasing contemporary design, the Tastic Ovation brings powerful airflow extraction, luxurious warmth, instant brightness and a range of premium features to suit a variety of bathroom styles.

IXL’s new Tastic Ovation is designed to maximize space in medium-sized bathroom.  It features powerful centrifugal exhaust fan design, allowing for strong airflow extraction up to 396m³/hr to eliminate steam rapidly.  The 3 modern frosted 4000K cool white LED downlights provide diffused, soothing illumination.  The 800W infrared heat lamp with Halo Heat TM Technology delivers rapid warmth to the person beneath the unit without losing heat to the wider bathroom space.  Designed with a side ducted fan with inclined outlet for optimised ducting and easy installation. Each unit also includes a self-sealing back draught stopper that prevents draughts and insects entering the unit while not in use, sealing warmth within the user’s bathroom and protecting from unwanted airflow, suitable for 5 star Energy Rated Homes.

The Tastic Ovation is designed as a stylish mid-price option for ease of purchase in mass market such as Bunnings and Harvey Norman Bathroom. It provides multi-functional use to the owner in addition to going above and beyond user expectations regarding its visual appeal, compared to products of similar price point. Encapsulating numerous luxury bathroom 3 in 1 features within a sleek and contemporary fascia design, the Tastic Ovation taps into the market of everyday consumers seeking a bathroom heat, vent and light unit that seamlessly blends into their modern bathroom.

Flexible installation for all areas of the home is a key feature of the unit, with easy installation and optimised ducting providing an energy-efficient option for any room. By integrating the fan into the body, this provided consumers with a stronger extraction whilst providing installers with an easier installation. R&D in-field testing conducted with trade electricians also influenced the design direction by inducing angles into the body which provided them an advantageous outlet to attach the ducting.

The frosted LED downlights provides diffused light, smoothing to your eyes without compromising on the quality of the lighting. Using our existing LEDs to maintain supply and quality, we changed from a downlight style to a more modern white diffuser. The new white diffuser combined with a clean new fascia design created a clean and minimalistic design.

Another key aspect of the Tastic Ovation delivering an unmatched user experience is its use of Halo HeatTM technology. This technology distributes 800W infrared heat effectively across the person underneath, ensuring the body will heat up instead of the surrounding bathroom space. This maximises comfort levels for the user and increases efficiency of the product. Using existing auto timer function to turn the heat lamps off to save power and energy for the consumers.

In the current climate consumers are seeking locally made products more than ever before, making the Australian made and designed Tastic Ovation ideal for the present market needs. The increasing concern of home sustainability has been addressed directly with the back draught flaps to ensure a warm bathroom that is protected from unwanted airflow, achieving better energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint properties. 

Enhanced user experience is further provided in the easy clean wide grille fascia, enabling consumers to enjoy long-term effectiveness of the unit through routine cleaning. 

IXL provides extensive product support for retailers, tradesmen, and end users alike with thorough documentation supplied within the product package. A 5-year in-home product warranty is delivered in addition to a 2-year warranty on heat lamps and exhaust fan. Customer support is provided from IXL Home’s dedicated team in the Abbotsford office.

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