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Kinetic Education has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2021. The Australian Brand Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises innovative products that offer a point of difference from their competitors.

“My parents initially created some basic Maths and English activities to help me with my own learning 30 years ago and that inspired them to create the very first Kinetic Education programs. It’s amazing to think that my own children now learn on it, and that we are helping thousands of students with Maths and English, all over Australia and internationally.

“Our very own innovative technology allows us to set a smart, personalised, weekly lesson plan, so children always know exactly what to do. Our tutors and mentors are passionate about supporting and empowering parents to help their children learn. With Covid-19, never before has it been so important that children get the right support at home.”

Jonathan Sanghvi, CEO, Kinetic Education

M-Bytes/Kinetic Education is an Australian family business founded by Mary Sanghvi (an experienced tutor and secondary school maths teacher) and Bharat Sanghvi (a computer programmer and systems analyst). The company is now managed by their sons, Jonathan and William (who have science/IT degrees). Curriculum content, authoring tools and programming are all developed by M-Bytes/Kinetic Education. Maths Wiz® and English Wiz® are online Maths and English programs developed by M-Bytes. They are marketed and supported in Australia, under the brand name Kinetic Education®, and are unique in that they incorporate a very extensive e-learning experience, guided and supported by Kinetic Education’s Tutor team.

When the pandemic struck, the Kinetic pedagogy for using e-learning in the home, was already proven and highly refined. The entire Australian maths and English curriculum was already being used on-line. Also, IT support programs to coordinate sales, tutors and mentors, and family helplines were already in-place.

Kinetic Education’s commitment to customer service is at the heart of the company’s mission. The success of an online tutorial program depends not only on the quality of the program, but the quality of the support services. Not many students have enough self-motivation to study without supervision. The company is well aware of the pressures of parenting, and has developed a structure solution to the problem of learning at home, without a tutor.

A major focus of Kinetic Education is engaging parents and working closely with them to get the educational outcomes they after – this is the key to their success. Kinetic Education has an educational team devoted to creating a personalised online tutoring program for every family.

Now, in 2021, the company has over 16,000 Australian students actively enrolled in the online programs. Parents feel empowered to assist their children with their schoolwork, without necessarily understanding it themselves. This empowerment is due to having the tools to do it, and the training and support that they receive from Kinetic Education, when the family is enrolled in the system. With Kinetic Education, parents only need to give encouragement. All the educational material is in place and interactive. The team of tutors, artists and computer experts, designed activities which are fun to do and easy to understand. It is a program written for Australians, by Australians.

The Kinetic Education interactive teaching, testing and revision programs cater for all learning styles and abilities. The programs support exactly what is being taught in school, while providing instant feed-back and instruction for each question. The program is combined with a diagnostic assessment tool, which ensures that each student starts work within their comfort zone, and sets a weekly lesson plan specifically made for them.

The impact of having tutors is so much more than just giving children extra help. It adds a whole new layer and dynamic to the service. It is so much more than an online program. The tutors and support staff are there to personalise the learning experience and work with parents to help get their children real results.

Educational Content is designed to be fun and engaging, to inspire children to enjoy learning and strive for knowledge. Most people think that maths is a tough subject. But maths study can be rewarding if you can be sure of top marks if you do it correctly. At all levels of mathematics, Kinetic Education provides a very structured course, which supports students from starting school to completing year 12.

The pedagogy is adjusted to suit the maturity of the student. Using voice-overs, animations and clearly constructed lesson and question formats, ensures that students can easily learn from the program.

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